IT Innovations

Innovation Doses, Not Just Innovation Dreams.

What can we do for you?

Data Art

We all create data and consume data all the time. But data is sometimes boring, hard to understand, and too much to comprehend. Let us use data art to create beautiful, meaningful, and joyful displays of your data to serve your needs.

Physical Computing

The power of computing is not limited by the boundaries of computers. Computers can control much more than our emails and documents. They can control our physical environment. Let us use physical computing to solve your automation and robotic needs.

Creative Coding

No matter how many ready-made applications one can find out there, there are still a lot more to be designed and created. Let’s show you our creative coding skills and create your creative application.

Interactive Installations

Screens can be very big and very high definition. But they remain as a one-way interaction channel. They don’t have to though. Let us design that interactive application for you that creates a two-way interaction