Pitching Rehearsals for The Winner Choosing Event After the end of the technical workshops

Pitching Rehearsals for The Winner Choosing Event After the end of the technical workshops



After the end of the technical workshops of Madad Lab II, participants are ready to present their projects.

The teams will present their projects in front of a jury of international and local selected experts. Since it is their first time to present in an event like this. TeraTarget and GIZ decided to give the participants pitching rehearsals to help the teams present in better shape.

The pitching rehearsal is basically; teams representing their ideas as if it is the official presentation day. Rehearsal will make the participants overcome their fear of presenting the projects to the official jury. This rehearsal will help with preparing an effective presentation for the projects.

The participants have been working on their projects for months now. Most notably TeraTarget has given them mentorship and guidance throughout the whole workshop process.

To achieve a full potential outcome, TeraTarget and GIZ prepared another and a final workshop for the participants. This workshop focused on how to present the idea rather than how to create the idea as it was in the workshops.

With attendance of Dr. Hemin Latif, the Executive Director at TeraTarget and Dagma Blaecudy the President of SO5 program. They both gave comments and advises on how the teams should present their projects. The participants learned valuable lessons on how to present their projects for the jury.

One advice was on making the teams understand, they have eight-minutes to present everything they worked for in past months. Managing time is an important aspect for this project. The second advice was on the presenting process, how to plan their presentation material and which points should come first.

The participants made their projects richer even on the last day of the early round of the program. By end of Day 1, they were ready to present what they have been working on for the past months. They have taken the first step in developing and making their ideas a reality in future.