Choosing the Winners For the First Round of The Madad Lab II

Choosing the Winners For the First Round of The Madad Lab II



In Madad Lab II After months of training and preparing, participants have finally presented their projects.

The participants presented their projects for the jury. Members of the jury are a group of foreign companies and institutes, EU representative, GIZ, TeraTarget, and government officials.

Ten teams were participating in the program. Competing teams had different project ideas and wanted to achieve the first place in the program.  The projects had many different themes, and all were making a great impact on the communities in their unique way

The projects were specializing in renewable energy and solar panels, also health care services, public services, and volunteering services. Each team gave a narrowed-detailed presentation about their projects for eight minutes and then. After presenting, they spend five minutes answering questions from the jury.

The board of jury started their process of filtering and ranking the projects of the teams. The number of the juries was eight experts, local ones and international ones.

The ranking of the winning teams was from the seventh to the first. They were chosen depending on amount of impact the project will have on the people’s life, environment, and society generally.

The team that took the first place in the competition had a project for helping refugees with their education. The first-place winners until the seventh-place winners, will all have to start working on their projects. They’ll receive an amount of financial support determined by the need of the project. Along with the financial support they will receive mentoring to establish their project.

The jury will choose the winners depending on how much impact the team members will achieve through the project. The jury will select winning participants to attend the upcoming events of the program.

Because of the attendance of local and international companies and institutes in the presentation date, the participants received more chances. The companies have promised to support the projects, financial and money wise.

The technical help in the workshops of TeraTarget made this stage of the program possible. TeraTarget is until now giving mentoring to the participants.