TeraTarget finishes the technical workshops round in the Madad Lab II with a workshop on Interaction Design and Prototyping

TeraTarget finishes the technical workshops round in the Madad Lab II with a workshop on Interaction Design and Prototyping



For the period of two months, the partakers in Madad Lab II workshops have been receiving knowledge and mentoring. The workshops have been focusing on important aspects which guarantee the success of the projects. Now, participants have a great sense of knowledge to come up with projects, create them and represent them, workshop on Interactive Design and Prototypes in Iraq.

In the final workshop of this round, participants learned what interactive design and prototyping are. These two fields help creators and developers to understand the negative and positive sides of their work. As explained in the Interactive Design and Prototypes workshop, the experience is the most important part of any product. The partakers received all needed knowledge on how to improve their current projects or the ones they’ll have in future.

The participants have joined the program with a goal of making a change in the societies. Especially societies that recent humanitarian crises in the region affected them the most

After the Interactive Design and Prototypes workshops, participants learned how to design projects in the best possible shape. They learned how much the effectiveness and efficiency of a product affects the users. Now, partakers know how to design their product in a way to provide a positive experience to the user.

Moreover, in the Interactive Design and Prototypes workshops, the participants learned the difference of subjective and objective feedback. Feedbacks are fundamental to determine the next step and the needed improvements to a product. Partakers learned how to target the correct audience when it comes to collecting feedbacks and information on the product’s performance.

In the last workshop day, TeraTarget decided to have a discussion session with the participants and have their feedback. The participants have given back important notes on the series of the Madad Lab II workshops. In the session, we learned that some participants came up with new projects ideas in the workshops time period. On the other hand, some of them used the workshops and TeraTarget’s technical teaching to improve their established projects.

Since the partakers were coming from different educational backgrounds, they interacted differently with the subjects. As some partakers are more advanced in certain fields, they benefited from other field topics. The variety of different subjects that TeraTarget provided helped participants to explore new fields and try new things.

Qudra programme has established Madad Lab workshop series and has chosen TeraTarget as their technical teaching partner. They made this decision depending on the name that TeraTarget has made in the field of business planning and IT innovation. The workshop series has covered topics such; business planning, IT innovation, marketing and last one was design and prototype workshops.

Depending on connection and needs topics are chosen and this caused great outcomes of the projects presented in the workshops.