The world is heading toward robotics, and the participants in Madad Lab II had their start in robotics workshops in Iraq.

The world is heading toward robotics, and the participants in Madad Lab II had their start in robotics workshops in Iraq.



TeraTarget starts robotics workshops in Iraq, as the Madad Lab II workshops continue, participants are learning exciting topics. These topics include Robotics and Physical Computing. As usual, the Madad Lab II workshops and TeraTarget’s technical help are providing useful skills to the participants.

After this week’s robotics workshops in Iraq, the participants will be able to do plenty of critical and fundamental technological innovations. The efficiency of these workshops is that they are practical more than theoretical. Participants are creating and coding basic robotic programs in the workshops, and this creates an interactive experience for them.

The robotics workshops are action-driven ones. Participants learn how to make LED lights, sensors, joysticks, push buttons and program coding. They have created their own small functional robotic parts. Furthermore, created and coded robots for the first time in the robotics workshops, even though they had no background knowledge.

The participants learned how to do the basics of coding using the Arduino program in this week’s robotics workshops. The program is an excellent choice for working on both hardware and software programming at the same time. Moreover, participants learned about motors and how robots and LED lights work. They finished creating LED boards with controllable lighting systems. Furthermore, the partakers created movable motors, controlled through the Arduino program. Notably, the robots are basic, but they are a fundamental start in the world of robotics.

The world’s stepping towards a path of bringing robots to take on specific tasks in our life. Therefore, these new skills and knowledge about robotics and computing are crucial to know and master. Participants at Madad Lab now have the necessary abilities to improve themselves and compete with the fast-growing world of robotics.

While the participants develop their projects, they’ll be able to include a robotic aspect to it. This opportunity is unique, and it is not a common thing in the region. The funding of the Qudra program and the technical partnership with TeraTarget are achieving successes. TeraTarget has provided and helped the workshops with top IT field expert lecturers to mentor the participants toward more success.