TeraTarget is chosen by Qudra program to provide Technical Workshops for Madad Lab II.

TeraTarget is chosen by Qudra program to provide Technical Workshops for Madad Lab II.



Qudra is a program found by the EU and the German Government. The goal is helping with the humanitarian catastrophe that has been occurring in Syria and the region for the past years. Qudra has selected TeraTarget to partner with GIZ to provide technical workshops for the Madad Lab II programme. TeraTarget is an internationally registered IT company operating in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Madad Lab is a series of workshops on IT innovation and the modern Digital World. Its goal is to show how to use technologies to help improve the living conditions of societies and communities. This will be the second round of Madad Lab’s workshops in both cities of Sulaymaniyah and Erbil. Madad Lab II gathered a group of 30 young and motivated participants to bring a change to their region.

The participants are coming from different ethnic, educational, and racial backgrounds. For instance, some of them are refugees from Syria, and some others are from different parts of Iraq; educationally, they vary as some are students, teachers, and some others are university graduates.

With the leadership and teaching techniques of TeraTarget and its pool of experts. The experts mentor and lead the participants to work together in groups to come up with innovative projects in the IT field.

These projects are all in development to help and improve the societies. Societies that the instability in the region is affecting them the most.


Additionally, TeraTarget provides mentoring for the groups and projects throughout the whole process.

By the end of the workshops, Qudra will choose the most effective and convincing project. Qudra programme will help and fund the project to establish and start operating in the community.

TeraTarget was chosen as a technical partner in this project on the strength of its experience, expertise, and wide skillsets. These qualifications can help such a programme achieve maximum output and results.